WISE Chicago


The student organization arm of the WISE Program, WISE Chic aims to support the WISE Program and create a supportive and fun community for women students in STEM majors. They also aim to do one community service activity each year.

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The 2015-2016 Leadership Team:

President: Katherine Knowles
Vice President: Diane Brikha
Treasurer: Shreya Thakkar
Secretary: Roxee Vitorillo
Publicity Chair: Jessica Woodward
Outreach Chair: Lauren Ennesser




Our Fall Schedule includes:

First General Board Meeting  – 9/25 (Thursday) 5pm
Room 611 Student Center East
Volunteer Activity – 10/04 (Saturday) Noon
Second General Board Meeting – 10/09 (Thursday) 5pm
Room 611 Student Center East
Third General Board Meeting  – 11/06 (Thursday) 5pm
Room 611 Student Center East
Game/Movie Night – 11/20 (Thursday) 5pm