Scholar Applications

The UIC Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women’s Health (BIRCWH) program is not currently seeking candidates.  Please be aware of the following requirements when considering your application to the UIC BIRCWH Program.


  1. Have a doctoral degree in a clinical or research discipline (e.g. MD, PharmD, DVM, DDS or PhD) and be engaged in women’s health or sex/gender-based research in such fields as nursing, medicine, pharmacy, social work, epidemiology, psychology, sociology and/or biostatistics.
  2. Have completed any postgraduate training normally expected for a faculty appointment in their field (including clinical or postdoctoral fellowship training or residency).
  3. Have no more than six years of research or research training experience beyond their last doctoral degree (excepting those who may have had a career hiatus due to family responsibilities or uniformed service).
  4. Have a full-time, tenure track faculty appointment at UIC.
  5. Identify mentors with extensive women’s health or sex/gender-based research experience.
  6. Be US citizens or non-citizen nationals, or lawfully admitted for permanent residence.
  7. Be able to commit 75% of full-time professional effort to the BIRCWH program and its related research activities.


  1. Individuals who are or have been a Principal Investigator on a mentored career development grant (K-series) or who have had substantial independent funding (e.g., R01, P01, P50) or other equivalent research grant awards.
  2. Non-U.S. citizens or individuals on temporary or student visas.

The leadership of the BIRCWH Program strongly encourages individuals from all health disciplines and backgrounds to apply.

The BIRCWH Program is an NIH funded K-12 institutional training grant and structured mentoring program for junior faculty members who conduct women’s health or sex/gender-based research. The overall goal of the UIC BIRCWH program is to train a cadre of researchers to advance women’s health and sex/gender-based science.


For additional information regarding women’s health, please visit:
Office of Research on Women’s Health
National Institutes of Health
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


If you have any questions about the BIRCWH program, please contact:
Center for Research on Women and Gender (M/C 980)
1640 W. Roosevelt Rd.
Chicago, IL 60608