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Fall 2014 CRWG Newsletter Now Available

The Fall 2014 edition of the CRWG Newsletter, Building Research Connections, is now available. Check it out here: Building Research Connections Fall 2014.

CRWG Fall 2013 Newsletter

2013 Fall
  • Featured Researcher: Natasha Devroye
  • Is There Really a Shortage of Eligible Black Men? by Chisina Kapungu
  • A “Womb to Womb” Approach: Julienne Rutherford, PhD, Awarded RO1 to Study Study Developmental Programing
  • Viewpoints: Women and the Affordable Care Act, by Leslie Carnahan
  • Featured Alumni: AllisonDahlke and Rajmonda Caceres

CRWG Fall 2012 Newsletter

2012 Fall Special Edition
  • 20th Anniversary Edition
  • History of WISE
  • Local, Regional and International Partnerships
  • Viewpoints: Celebrating 20 years of Scholarship and Action by Veronica Arreola
  • Mentorship for Women in Academic Science, Medicine and Engineering
  • Featured Alumni: Tarini Bedi and Mydhili Moorthie

CRWG Fall 2011 Newsletter

Fall 2011
  • Featured Researcher: Pauline Maki
  • CRWG/CoE Receives $1.5 Million Community Health Grant
  • Community Partner Spotlight: Lane Technical College Preparatory High School
  • Viewpoints: Women’s Sports Deserve A Chance By Veronica Arreola
  • Featured Alumna: Jessica Bushar

CRWG Spring 2011 Newsletter

2011 Spring
  • WISE Receives Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Mentoring
  • 2011 Brings New Honors for CRWG Director Stacie Geller
  • Featured Researcher: Stacey Horn
  • Community Partner Spotlight: The Faith Community of St. Sabina and Gethsemane Church of God in Christ
  • Featured Alumna: Ayesha Akhtar

CRWG Winter 2010-2011 Newsletter

2010-2011 Winter
  • Featured Researcher: Chisina Kapungu
  • COE Receives Health Assessment and Planning Grant to Serve Southern Illinois
  • Viewpoints: Chicago Mayoral Race: Where are the Windy Women? By Veronica Arreola
  • Featured Alumna: Regina Rust

CRWG Spring 2010 Newsletter

Spring 2010
  • Featured Researcher: Bryna Harwood
  • CRWG Presents Safer Sex Fest
  • For Your Health: Muslim Women’s Health
  • Community Partner Spotlight: NASA SEMAA Lab at Marine Military Academy
  • Viewpoints: Teen Pregnancies on Center Stage Once Again By Donna Baptiste

CRWG Fall 2009 Newsletter

2009 Fall
  • Featured Researcher: Carmen Lilley
  • For Your Health: Deciphering Skin Care Product Labels 101
  • Community Partner Spotlight: Habilitative Systems, Inc.
  • Viewpoints: Being a Woman is Not a Pre-Existing Condition? By Veronica Arreola
  • Featured Alumnus: Andrew Cooper

CRWG Spring 2009 Newsletter

2009 Spring
  • CRWG Director Speaks at Gates Foundation and United Nations
  • Featured Researcher: Donna Baptiste
  • Featured Alumna: Tarini Bedi
  • Viewpoints: Is Crime Increasing at UIC? By Sarah Shirk

CRWG Fall 2008 Newsletter

2008 Fall
  • CRWG Begins Fundraising Campaign for Dissertation Research Endowment
  • Featured Researcher: Laura DeMarco
  • Featured Community Partner: Southern Seven Health Department
  • Featured Alumni: Tanisha Johnson and Veenu Randhawa