• Former BIRCWH scholar Julienne Rutherford’s SAFE study was featured in a Nature article about sexual harassment and assault in the science and Julienne gives the closing quote. Updates on the SAFE study can be found searching #safe13 on Twitter.


  • The UIC BIRCWH program, in partnership with the UIC Center for Research on Women and Gender /National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health and other local groups, sponsors the 2nd Annual Women’s Health Research Day to promote research and advance understanding of new developments in women’s health.  Please click here for more information!


  • The President of the Society of American Archaeology (SAA) sent an email to their entire membership about the sexual harassment initiatives that were inspired by the SAFE study written by former BIRCWH scholar Julienne Rutherford and colleagues:

Here is an excerpt from the email:

“…SAA initiated three actions. First, The Board of Directors directed the Ethics Committee to consider sexual harassment of all kinds in the current revisions to the SAA ethics principles. This review is underway. Second, the Board of Directors passed a motion requiring organizations sponsoring SAA fieldschool scholarships to have written policies and procedures relating the sexual harassment. All such scholarships now have these stipulations. Third, as a sponsoring organization, SAA requested that the Register of Professional Archaeologists issue a statement regarding a RPA’s obligations with regards to eliminating sexual harassment in archaeological settings. I am pleased to announce that the Register has completed its statement, which is included below. The President and Board will keep you posted as the Ethics Committee works on this, and other matters come to fruition later this year.”


  •        BIRCWH associate Terry Moore was named Teacher of the Semester by the College of Pharmacy PharmD Class of 2018.


  •        Former BIRCWH scholar Julienne Rutherford’s Cusp Conference presentation about the placenta and developmental origins of adult health is available to watch at the above link.


  •        BIRCWH associate Terry Moore, Geof Greene (U of C), and Jonna Frasor (UIC COM) were awarded a Catalyst grant from the Chicago Biomedical Consortium for their proposal, “A Photoaffinity-based Protein Profiling Approach to Discover Estrogen Receptor/Coactivator Inhibitors.”


  •         BIRCWH associate Kristine Molina received a 2014-2015 UIC Office for Social Science Research Seed Grant for her project, “Discrimination, Psychological Mechanisms, and Obesity among Latinos: Testing a Risk and Resilience Model.”


  •          Former BIRCWH scholar Julienne Rutherford’s SAFE study was ranked #38 in Altmetric’s Top 100 list of papers that received the most online attention.  It is the only paper from UIC in the list, and 1 of 3 in the entire University of Illinois system.


  •        BIRCWH associate Laura Hirshfield was chosen as the 2016 Chicago Area Study Faculty Investigator for her research proposal “Does Cultural Competence Really Impact Minority Patient Satisfaction and Care?”  The Chicago Area Study (CAS) is a biennial study that collects social science data on issues of importance to the Chicago metropolitan area funded by various UIC departments and programs while providing hands-on training in survey methods to UIC graduate students.


  •        BIRCWH scholar Faith Fletcher has a new grant that has been funded–

Principal Investigator: Faith Fletcher, PhD, MA; Co- Investigator: Alicia Matthews, PhD

Targeted Smoking Cessation Intervention for Women Living with HIV/AIDS

Chicago Developmental Center for AIDS Research (D-CFAR) and Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS)



  •        BIRCWH scholar Faith Fletcher was honored at the Faculty Awards Reception on October 22nd and recognized by the School of Public Health for the following external awards: Kaiser Permanente Burch Minority Leadership Award and Fellow, and Fordham HIV Prevention Research Ethics Training Institute Fellow.


  •        BIRCWH scholar Faith Fletcher has received a full scholarship to attend Institute for Health Care Improvement Conference on Quality Improvement in Health Care which is occurring December 7-10 in Orlando, Florida.


  •        BIRCWH scholar Faith Fletcher had a manuscript (co-author) published in AIDS Patient Care and STDs: “A Mixed-Methods Approach to Understanding Barriers to Postpartum Retention in Care among Low-Income, HIV-Infected Women”.


  •        BIRCWH associate Laura Hirshfield’s paper “’She’s not good with crying’: the effects of gender expectations on graduate students’ assessment of their principal investigators” was published in the most recent issue of Gender and Education. Copies available upon request.


  •        BIRCWH associate Kristine Molina received a Foundation for Child Development grant entitled “The effects of discrimination on social, academic, and mental health outcomes of Puerto Rican children: An inter-generational and multi-wave study”.


  •        Former BIRCWH scholar Julienne Rutherford will be presenting this week at the annual Cusp Conference, held at the Museum of Contemporary Art. The theme of the conference is “The Design of Everything” and she will be discussing the womb to womb nature of development and health.